Electric scooter SPY 100 10.4Аh

Elike SPY100 – electric scooter is fun and convenient way to ride. E-scooter is fast, reliable and lightweight.
Join the new era of urban mobility and explore the city with this environmentally friendly transport. Enjoy this portable electric scooter and have fun during your driving. This is the model preferred by teenagers.


Battery: 10.4Ah
Motor: 500W
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Maximum weight: 110 kg.
Maximum speed: 40 km -5 + / h
Maximum distance: 30 + -5 km.
System Brake: Rear disk brakes
Tires: 8 inches
Lights : LED Headlights and Rear Brake Lights
Weight: 14 kg
Size: 110 × 90 × 53 cm