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Conditions and Terms
for using the services of www.elike.eu

These general conditions are intended to regulate relations between TRANSAN Ltd. Sofia, zhk. Mladost bl.91B – company, hereinafter referred to as the supplier and the consumer, hereinafter briefly Customer to the services provided by him services hereinafter SERVICES.



Pursuant to Law Information on Electronic Commerce and Law on Consumer Protection:
Name: TRANSAN Ltd.
Headquarters and management address:

Sofia, Zhk Mladost bl.91B
UIC 203771601,

VAT BG203771601
Contact information:

Bl.91B zhk Mladost Sofia
email: info@elike.eu,

tel: +359 899 941 777,  +359 888 259 704

Working hours of Service:

from Monday to Friday: 9: 00-17: 00

Transan Ltd. is a company registered under the Commercial Law of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Law on protection of personal data held Certificate Administrator of personal data issued by the Commission for Protection of Personal Data.




Customer accept information on this site www.elike.eu in the form in which it is, and declares that it will not claim for damages and lost profits resulting from use of the site’s services www.elike.eu .

Customer accept the information service in the way that is provided, and agrees to the terms and conditions of delivery of information, goods and services.
Any interference in the network, Internet access , technological problems of technical equipment are responsibility of the Customer and TRANSAN Ltd. represented by www.elike.eu it is not guilty.
Customer agrees to provide true and accurate information in the registration form, stating a desire to purchase from a distance.



Personal information called The data is provided by the customer voluntarily to TRANSAN Ltd. in site www.elike.eu for processing and storage by employee processing of personal data and electronically.
By accepting these terms and conditions CUSTOMER gives indefinite their explicit and unconditional agreement to eventualnata his explicit writing, provided his personal data to be collected, stored, processed and used by the supplier and / or authorized by third parties: courier companies, banks and others , a contract for selling from distance as stock, promotions, marketing activities, recruitment and others, non-prohibited by law targets organized by the supplier .
The Customer’s responsibility to protect the confidentiality of the submitted in www.elike.eu username and password. Each request made through the online shop www.elike.eu will be considered by the TRANSAN Ltd. for regular if, in making its used username and password that the system is accepted as valid, regardless of whether they are used by a person other than the holder or by the unauthorized person.
CUSTOMER may at any time request a written request that his personal data can not be used and stored by the supplier as a data controller.
PROVIDER expressly declares to the customer that his personal data does not transfer to third parties for advertising purposes.
PROVIDER reserves the right to use the IP addresses and other personal data of the Customer to disclose his identity in case it is necessary to implement legal procedures setting punishable offenses or fraudulent malicious use of the site.
The administrator has the right to delete from the database each customers profile that is not used by its founder more than one year since its establishment.



Prices on the website are inclusive of value added tax (VAT).
Links to other websites (links) are to inform the customer of any links in the activities. Are not the responsibility of www.elike.eu and TRANSAN Ltd.
Customer has the right to request purchase of goods chosen trought the site www.elike.eu . The methods of delivery and payment terms are as they are declared at the site. Changes can be made until the conclusion of the contract site.
Since the completion of the contract site is believed that contracted sales of distance between the Customer and the Contractor, which are in force these Terms and conditions with which the Customer has agreed, following the instructions on the site, making each subsequent menu selection.
Provider has the right to elect, at its discretion contractor courier service or operate the service with their own transport. The cost of delivery is determined by the place of delivery and technical parameters of the selected item (weight, volume). The Customer receives information about the cost of delivery in the process of completing the contact form.
Any changes in the availability of goods and prices that occurred after the transmission of the order for execution are not reflected in this order. www.elike.eu reserves the right to change prices at any time without due notice about the customer who gave his order. In the event of technical errors or inaccuracies possible failure of performance of a contract. In the event of insufficient funds provider has the right to refuse performance of the contract.
Delivery of selected goods in the amount requested and confirmed prices accompanied by choices made by the Customer. The deadlines listed on the site can be extended if necessary.
The period of performance for payment by cash on delivery runs from the date of confirmation of the order for execution. When choosing a bank transfer payment period of performance shall be measured from the moment of crediting the bank account of TRANSAN Ltd. with the necessary amount considered as a deposit until the conclusion of the transaction.
Extension of five working days can be done by notifying the customer via email without requiring explicit consent. Extension of delivery by more than 5 working days must be agreed with the Customer .



The value of each order is confirmed before shipment. The customer pays the contract value, whether receive free delivery or not (more details see menu ‘Delivery’).

Payment of the orders can be done in several ways:

By bank transfer – the Customer pays the value from contract in the specified bank account. The order will be executed after receiving receipt of the money transfer to the account of the Merchant.
Credit / debit card – this method of payment used virtual POS terminal which fully guarantee the security of settlement. Accepted cards: Visa, VISA ELECTRON, MasterCard, MAESTRO.
It is important to know that does not have access and do not record what you’re entering card information for online payment – card number, expiry date, CVV2 or CVC2 code on credit cards, 3-D password, secret code for online payment.



Goods ordered online on www.elike.eu are subject to warranty and post-warranty service under the terms of the warranty card provided (GK).

Not subject to warranty products which are not accompanied by GK, receipts for purchases, unauthorized repair or attempt to influence, disrupt the integrity or functionality of the product.

Warranty by www.elike.eu is 12 months for a scooter and 12 months for the battery.
What is not covered?
The warranty does not cover:
Products rented, test and demonstration.

Damage incurred due to accidents, negligence, misuse.

Damage incurred due to not complying with the recommended conditions of maintenance and use.

Damage caused by incorrect or improper maintenance or repair performed by anyone other than an official representative of EliKE.

Damage arising from using of parts and accessories not in conformity with the parts or changed product.
Does not cover defects due to normal wear of components:
tires, brake linings of brake pads of the brake wires, a handlebar grip, headlights.


Stating a desire to purchase from a distance, Customer agrees to provide a deposit for the selected item and the value of the transport service. The deposit is presented by the chosen method and determines the timing of execution of the service. After the time limits provided for in the CPA, the Contractor will automatically supplied deposit to pay for the service – selling goods from a distance.



The Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase within 14 days of receipt of goods.
By accepting these Terms, the Customer declares that he is familiar with all the requirements provider to contract for selling from distance.
The Customer has the right to return the goods to the Supplier in the form in which he received in undamaged original packaging, accompanied by all the supporting documents, including instructions, warranty card, proof of purchase without any broken seals certifying integrity. The only permissible damage is transport package.
The costs of returning the goods to the Supplier are fully paid by the Customer.
After receiving The Returning of Purchase Form Contractor shall reimburse the amount received within the time limits provided for in the CPA.
Paid price of the product will be reimburse from the site to the bank account of the User within 14 days once the product is received back to the Contractor.
TRANSAN Ltd. reserves the right to modify some of the provisions in these Terms without due notice about the Customer. Customer is responsible for it to be informed when authorizing a order purchasing from a distance of all the conditions negotiated.

Please check your goods integrity in the presence of courier or employee of TRANSAN Ltd.
Claims for damaged or damage during transport is established at the time of delivery of the goods.
Not be accepted for any transport defect if it is established at the time of acceptance of the goods.
By accepting these terms and conditions, the Customer agrees with them.